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Frequently Asked Questions...
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) you may find useful. To quickly view a particular subject, click the links below. You can also elect to read through all the FAQs.

Fundraisers - how it works

Pricing - quantity pricing, payment and shipping

Ordering - orders, reorders, rush orders and placing your order

Shipping - shipping methods, charges and rush shipping

Special Programs - how it works

Artwork & Designs - samples, usage and camera ready art

Embroidery - how it works
How does a t-shirt fundraiser work?
A t-shirt sale is a great fundraiser for your school, PTA, or other organization. Simply choose your design and estimate the number of orders you are likely to receive.
We will base your pricing on this quantity according to our current price list. Then you will decide how much to charge according to your fundraising goal. You will also need to determine which sizes to offer, your order deadline, and the type of payment to accept.
We will furnish you with a master order form and posters to advertise your items. Once you’ve collected your orders and totaled them by item and size, you will place a consolidated order with us.
We will email or fax you an invoice and begin processing your order. You will need to consolidate payment into one check made out to Gilbert-American.
And since you’ve already collected payment with your orders, you will have no “out-of-pocket” expense!
NOOPE Program
To learn more about our No Out Of Pocket Expense Program click here
How much will my t-shirts cost?
Your cost is based on the type and quantity of items ordered, the number of ink colors in your design, the number of imprints on your garment (i.e. full front, sleeve, back tag, left chest…), and a white t-shirt vs. a color t-shirt. Our Pricing Guide is based on WHITE,  100% Cotton, 6.1oz Gildan Ultra Cotton® T-Shirts in sizes YS-AXL. Other garments, colors and sizes are available. For further details, see our Pricing Guide and Specials pages.
Will you accept multiple checks for payment?
Please consolidate your payment on one check to Gilbert-American. We accept checks only from the organization placing the order or an authorized representative.
Do you offer “Rush" shipping?
Rush Orders - Our normal turnaround time to complete your order (ready for shipment) is 10 working days from the time your artwork is approved and your order placed. If you require completion in less than 10 working days, a rush order fee may apply. Please inquire before placing your order.
Rush Shipping - Within the continental U.S. your order will be shipped via UPS Ground. This is included at no additional charge. Time in transit (usually 1-6 days) will vary depending on your distance from our facility in Rockwall, TX (suburb of Dallas). You may request special shipping arrangements - UPS Second-Day Air, for example. We would only charge you the difference between the two.
Do I have to pay tax?
For orders outside of Texas, we currently do not have to charge sales tax. However, it may be your responsibility to collect and remit sales tax to your state’s taxing authority.
For orders within Texas, if you are a reseller or have tax-exempt status, you may furnish a Texas Resale Certificate or Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification as appropriate. As a reseller, you are responsible for collecting and remitting sales tax to the state.
How do I place my order?
For more information click here.
What is a Style Number?
A style number identifies each custom design. It is located at the bottom, right of your custom proof next to the logo. Please use this number when approving your artwork or placing an order.
Can I order other garments with my t-shirts, such as sweatshirts or long-sleeved shirts?
Other garments are generally available, although color selection may be more limited than that for t-shirts. Please inquire about availability when placing your t-shirt order.
What is your minimum order?
Our minimum t-shirt order is 24 items. If you are ordering additional garments, such as sweat shirts, your quantity is based on the combined total (for example: 10 t-shirts plus 14 sweat shirts equals our minimum of 24.) The same criterion is used in calculating your garment price from our current price list.
The minimum embroidery order is 12 items. Orders less than 12 items may be accepted with an additional handling fee.
Certain Special Programs have specific ordering minimums. Check our current specials for details.
Is there a minimum reorder?
All orders, including orders using previous designs, are treated as new orders. We do not have a separate procedure for reorders. We strongly recommend you order a few extra shirts... even at times when you do not think you will need them they can come in very handy for new arrivals or other reasons. Placing a new order for a previous design WILL accelerate the overall turnaround time as no artwork changes will be needed.
The minimum for embroidery reorders is 12 items. Orders less than 12 items may be accepted with an additional handling fee.
Certain Special Programs have specific ordering minimums. Check our current specials for details.
Can you get larger sizes than a 3X?
Larger sizes are generally available; however vendor/color selection may be limited. Please inquire about availability when placing your t-shirt order.
Can I change my order?
Once your order is in production, any add-ons are considered reorders. Any changes to your order are subject to a restocking fee. Once garments are complete your order cannot be changed.
Please take into consideration that you may receive a few late orders when using a due date on your order form. You may want to consider ordering a few 'extras' to handle the latecomers.
How will my order be shipped?
We normally ship via UPS Ground within the continental U.S.
What are the shipping charges?
Free shipping via UPS Ground is included with your order. You may request special shipping at an additional charge (we will charge you only the difference between the two).
Orders shipped via USPS Priority mail may incur an additional charge, based on shipping weight and destination zip code.
How long does it take to receive my order?
Our turnaround time for screen printing orders is 10 working days from the time your order is finalized (garments chosen, design approved, sizes/quantities submitted) to shipment from our facility.
Time in transit will vary depending on your distance from our facility in Rockwall, TX (suburb of Dallas). Please consider this when planning for a specific event or deadline. To view the UPS Ground Transit map click here.
Embroidery orders take approximately 10-15 working days to complete.
Depending on production flow, reorders may be processed more quickly.
Special Arrangements for Rush Orders will be considered on a case-by-case basis (rush shipping & handling charges may apply).
What if the Special Offer expires before I receive my order?
The special pricing will apply as long as we are working on a firm order before the “Special Offer ends” date.
What are your current specials?
To see our current specials click here.
Can the ink color in your art samples be changed for my school or organization?
In most cases, yes. Much depends on your selected garment color. Please note: design colors are approximate matches only – exact matches are not possible.
Can you create an original design for me?
Yes. We can work from your sketch or description. Please note: colors are approximate matches only – exact matches are not possible. For more information click here.
What if I have my own artwork?
We can work from your sketch or camera ready artwork. Please note: colors are approximate matches only – exact matches are not possible. For more information click here.
Will the design on the tee fade quickly or bleed if washed?
These washing instructions should ensure a long life for your design and t-shirt:
Turn the garment inside out - wash it in cold water.
Should you elect to press the garment, press it inside out and do not touch the iron to the design.
Can I get a sample of what my design will actually look like on a t-shirt?
We will provide you with an online color proof of your design. We can also print and mail your proof if requested. Please note that the colors on your computer, ink from a color printer, and the ink on the actual t-shirt can vary. Therefore, the proof colors are approximate matches only – exact matches are not possible.
We do not provide sample t-shirts imprinted with your design. The amount of setup work to produce one shirt is the same as that to produce many. This would be cost prohibitive.
Why do the numbers of colors used in a design affect the cost of my t-shirts?
Application of each color in your design is individually set up in the production process. Each color requires a separate screen.
What is a screen?
A screen is basically the stencil prepared for each color in your design.
Can I use the design that is on my t-shirts for our business cards? Gymnasium wall? Yearbook cover?
In most cases, yes. Permission is granted on a case-by-case basis. If any file manipulation is required to send the art file to you, a fee of $50 will be charged.
What is Digitizing?
Digitizing is the process of adding stitching to your logo. It tells the embroidery machine what stitches to apply where. If digitizing is required there will be a one time fee based on the number of stitches and the complexity of the design. Once this is done, you can use the design again and again without additional setup charges.
Before digitizing begins, it is important to know what type of garment the design will be placed on and the exact size of your design.
What is a sew-out?
A sew-out is a mock up of your design on a small piece of material produced by the digitizing process. This is supplied for your approval before production begins.
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Testimonials from our clients
Client Comments...
"As the first year of Amy Parks-Heath Elementary comes to a close, it seems fitting to thank you for your contribution to our successful and "spirited" year.

The T-shirts and spirit items have been a creative and beautiful addition to our halls and programs. The honor choir used the T-shirts as part of their uniform and have received numerous compliments on their professional attire. The students, faculty, and parents have continued to proudly wear their Amy-Parks-Heath logos throughout the seasons with sweatshirts and cooler wear. The colors are just as bright as the first day they were delivered. Our school is unique and the artistic design of our logo symbolizes our design for excellence in education!

We certainly appreciate the personal and professional care with which you designed our logo and assisted in the sales efforts. Your friendly and accommodating attitude has been a wonderful part of the total process. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Thanks again for all of your enthusiasm and community cooperation."
Peggy Dickerson
Amy Parks-Heath Elementary

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